Free Stock photos & videos are great, thanks to people all around the world that give us the opportunity to help express our posts, add colour and meaning, using the right photo can add emotion, along with right words you can have an amazing post. so here are some of the best Free Stock Photos & Videos websites!



This is my go-to site, it offers a great range of photos by very talented photographers, and as soon as you launch the site you a presented with photos!


StockSnap have some excellent choices in photos, all are HD and free to use under CC0, They also provide Illustrations and Vector images as well, almost an all in one!


This is my 2nd Favourite site to get photos from, all the photos i have seen a really nice and high quality!


Pexels Videos 

Something I only recently noticed is that Pexels offer a great range of Free Stock Videos, heres a couple!

Your probably thinking that this is hardly extensive, however, there is Videvo, But the videos I wanted to show (Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 ) will need to be compressed and resized, however, it is a great site and definitely worth a look if you want to do it for a video intro or an animated website background.

I would have suggested GettyImages but I only found images that would require you to hand over money and if you’re just starting out it isn’t really an option but is a great site for the latest news photos!

If you have any sites that you use feel free to comment and I’ll add it to the list!



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